• john advent posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    How often should i have my house rewired. As electricians we are asked this question on a regular basis,Our customers are concerned about there electrical wiring installation and how long it will last. The rewiring of a domestic house is quite a big messy,dusty job especially if you are living there at the time the work is being carried out. A full rewire would mean that every room would need to be worked in and most likely the plaster on the wall would need to be chipped at and the floor boards being lifted. So it is no wonder customers are concerned how long the work will last them before it needs doing again. A full house rewire should last anything from 20 to 40 years before the wiring needs to be replaced unless of coarse these cables get damaged in any way. There are a lot of old properties that pose a potential fire risk due to rubber cables in the installation. These type of cables are dangerous due to the rubber sheathing on the cable perishing and falling away from the cable. This then leaves an exposed live cable which can start flashing and arcing. To ensure your wiring is safe you should have a Periodic Inspection carried out by a fully qualified, registered electrician at least every 10 years, and for properties with tenants in landlords should have this carried out at least every 5 years. This will ensure the electrics are safe and up to date. We carry out house rewires and have a team of fully qualified Electricians in Coventry we can send out an electrician to talk to your about your house rewire. We hope to hear from you soon!